A Handful of Super-useful Websites for Designers – Part 1

I’ve come across many, many amazing websites and blogs in the time since I began my interest in graphic design. Some of them are long lost to the murky mire of Google’s archives, some are hidden away in the catastrophic cacophony of clutter that is my bookmarks collection, and some are just plain gone. Of the ones that I DO still have, I’d like to share them in bite-sized chunks here and there, in order that the list doesn’t become too overwhelming, and so that you can start cluttering up YOUR bookmarks, too 😉

I decided that I ought to break this up into categories to make it easier to figure out what would be more to your tastes. If anyone has more links that they’d like to see added to the list, please leave me a link in the comments. Otherwise, I hope you can make some good use of these resources… Enjoy!





I have tons more… but I have plans in store for them. Hope this list was helpful!


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