Carbonmade Portfolios

I just recently (and by ‘recently’ I mean ‘about a year ago’) learned about a fantastic site that does free hosting for designers’ portfolios called The UI is super-simple, but also highly-intuitive. They allow up to five projects and/or 35 images to be posted for free (after that, you pay to upgrade), and have a host of stylish tweaks you can apply to your portfolio, text, and thumbnails.

You can get pretty creative with it, even though you’re pretty limited in terms of how you can edit things. For instance, when re-designing my portfolio, I noticed that some people have come up with pretty creative uses for their thumbnail images (I’m thinking about writing a tutorial about how I did it), and thought I’d give it a try. All I know is, when you’re a freelancer, if you can find a high-quality, super-useful service, and then find it for FREE… well, you’ve struck gold, my friend.

When I first joined Carbonmade, I had a job interview that same afternoon, and they had asked to see a digital portfolio of my work. I thought I was royally screwed until I did a Google search for ‘online portfolio’ and Carbonmade came up as the very first result. I clicked the link, decided to join (the clock was ticking, remember?), and created my portfolio. The best part about the site is that it takes very little effort to get your work looking super-professional. After I’d added a few projects and put some of my work into each of them, I headed off to the interview; thanks to, I ended up landing the job. That’s my story – what’s yours?

As always, if anyone knows of any other resources for designers like Carbonmade, please don’t hesitate to share them. Thanks for reading!


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